Jane E.

5 Star Customer Reviews

I called Dave for what we anticipated would be a simple Ring Doorbell Installation.  Alas, there were unanticipated issues:  The device we had turned out to be defective, so a replacement was needed, and of course the new device’s battery needed charging.  The Ring app had just been updated to a new version, which had a glitch that had to be worked around.  And the transformer was unfortunately very well hidden.
Despite the unanticipated obstacles placed in his way, Dave did an outstanding job with the installation of our Ring Video Doorbell and, despite the time involved in the installation itself, there was no extra charge, and Dave still took the time to clearly explain the doorbell’s operation and features settings.
All in all, a job that probably would have taken Dave as little as 20 minutes under ideal circumstances ended up taking over two hours, and Dave handled it all with a smile and a great sense of humor.  The guy is simply amazing.
Thanks Dave!

Jane E. La Palma, CA