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Ring Doorbell Pro Installation

Ring Doorbell Installation Guy specializes in Ring Doorbell Pro and Ring Doorbell Pro 2 Installation. We also install all Ring Doorbells, Ring Cameras, Ring Security Systems, Doorbell Transformers, WiFi Mesh Systems. We install everything Ring and MORE!

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Home Security Expert

Help you customize a security system that fits your needs and budget.

Certified Ring Installer

Ring certified, expert installations, highly experienced, over 3000 installs.

Home Wi-Fi Expert

Trouble shoot and resolve your Ring Poor WiFi connectivity issues and Wi-Fi Mesh Installations.

Ring Doorbell Pro Installation

We offer all different types of Ring Doorbell Pro installations. Installation on stone, brick, stucco, entrance gates, and garages. Running new power, intercom door station conversion, and more.

Ring Doorbell Pro 2 installed with intercom and angle kit
Doorbell Transformer Installation 16v-30va
Ring Doorbell Pro Run New Power Installation

16v-30va Doorbell Transformer Installation

Ring Pro and Ring Pro 2 doorbells require more voltage then the entry level Ring doorbells. Depending on your current doorbell transformer, you may or may not need to upgrade it. If you do, we carry the the 16v-30va transformers with us and can update your transformer if needed. Other installation companies do not do electrical work and you will be left with a Ring doorbell that you just paid to have installed and is not working. Then they will tell you to call an electrician to fix the transformer problem. 75% of our jobs is following up on these Uber business model tech installation companies.

Doorbell Chime Installation

Not all doorbell chimes are compatible with Ring doorbells. We carry traditional Ring compatible mechanical doorbell chimes just incase yours is not compatible, so when we leave you have a working Ring Doorbell. We can also bypass the chime if its not compatible and install a Ring Chime.

WiFi Upgrade

We carry Ring Chime Pro (WiFi Extender) incase you have poor wifi at the doorbell location and your Ring Pro is not connecting or is dragging because of a bad WiFi connection.

Intercom Conversion

Intercom systems run on a different voltage and are not compatible with Ring Doorbells. We can convert Aiphone, Doorbell Fon, Greyfox, M&S, Nutone, Panasonic, Viking intercom systems to work with your Ring Doorbell.

Save Our Contact Information

75% of our jobs are fixing poor installations from Uber type business model tech installation companies that will hire anyone. If you decide to go with a another company, please save our contact information in case your install goes bad. We will get your Ring up and working for you.

FAQs – Ring Doorbell Pro

Do you install other Ring products besides doorbells?

We install all the RIng products and other smart home devices.

What if I don't currently have a doorbell?

You can go with a battery operated doorbell or we can install a new doorbell system for you.

Can you hardwired my Ring doorbell so I don't have to charge it?

Yes, we can hardwired your doorbell.

What if my doorbell transformer doesn't have enough voltage?

We carry doorbell transformer with us and can install a new one for you.

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Recent Reviews

5 Star Customer Reviews

I had constant issues with my video doorbell. Turns out, I needed a new doorbell transformer. These guys nailed the installation!”

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    We Offer the Following Services

    Ring Products We Install
    Everything Ring and More! Hardwired, battery operated, doorbells, cameras, alarm system.

    Doorbell Transformer Installation
    Installing new doorbell transformer so you have the correct voltage to power of your Ring doorbell.

    Intercom Conversion
    Converting your intercom door station to power up your Ring doorbell.

    Nicor Prime Chime Conversion
    Converting your doorbell chime to deliver the correct voltage to your Ring doorbell.

    Ring Troubleshooting
    Troubleshoot and repair Ring devices that are not connecting or working properly.

    Doorbell Chime Installation
    Installing new doorbell chimes that are compatible with your Ring doorbell.

    Doorbell Repair
    Repairing broken doorbell systems so you can use your hardwired Ring doorbell.

    WiFi Installation
    Installation of WiFi mesh system to boost signal coverage to all your Ring devices.